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singlet lens types




Center Thickness


2 ½  X ½  Fringes


+0.0 -0.1

+/- 0.1

1’ TIA


singlesWestech lens elements are made from all types of optical glass. The most common glass types are N-BK7, Fused Silica and CaF2. We stock hundreds of lens elements and can make or modify lenses quickly and precisely to meet a specific requirement.

Plano- Convex Lenses  - These are the most common lens element. They are primarily used to focus a collimated beam of light. Coating is a standard MgF2 @ 550NM however any type of HEA coating can be applied.

Bi-Convex – Usually made from N-BK7, these lens elements are well suited for 1:1 relay imaging. Diameters range from 5.0mm to 150mm.

Meniscus – These single element lenses are primarily used to change the focal length of another lens or lens assembly. The first surface is convex; the second is concave.  Due to the meniscus configuration these lenses will not add coma or spherical aberration to an existing lens.  Westech offers negative and positive meniscus elements in mounted or unmounted form.

Plano-Concave and Bi-Concave  - These lenses have a negative focal length and will produce a diverging beam from a collimated beam.  They can be used to spread a light beam and to increase the focal length of an existing lens or lens assembly.

Westech Optical makes custom optics. We will rush samples and not at extraordinary prices.

Please contact us for a quote on prototypes through high volume production.