As one of the industry’s most respected designers of custom medical lenses, Westech Optical is proud to offer a full spectrum of optics and lenses for use in some of today’s most advanced medical applications. From blood analyzers, spectroscopes and colposcopes, to fully-customized lenses for dermatology scopes, our team of optics engineers and designers bring decades of experience to each application to ensure flawless results.

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For more detailed information on our full offering of medical optics and custom lens designs, or to discuss your ideas with one of our engineers, get in touch with Westech Optical today.  We can be reached by phone at 585-377-2490 or via email through our secure contact page.

To learn more about our company, our products or any of the services we offer, get in touch with Westech Optical today and we’ll be happy to get you started. You can reach us by phone at 585-377-2490 or via email by filling out our quick contact form.

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