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Lens Manufacturing

When we set out to fabricate any lens element, our first step is always to review the drawing, ensuring it is in compliance with the parameters specified in the design and tolerance analysis. Only then do we ...

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Lens Design

Most of the lenses we produce are lenses of our own design. We always begin the design process with an assessment of the optical requirement and look first to see if we already carry a stock lens that will work,...

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Welcome to Westech Optical

We are the internet’s best source for your commercial optics needs, offering quality products at prices that will always beat those of our catalog competitors. Our knowledgeable team of engineers, designers and quality control experts have decades of combined experience, adhering to strict standards of excellence in all aspects of our design, production, and testing. Located near Rochester, NY, a city famous for its optics, we draw on a pool of talent from around the country. Our expertise at locating raw materials and our ability to purchase them at volume discounts result in dramatic savings for our customers.

Stock and Custom Optics

Westech supplies optics for a diverse range of applications, including OCR, document scanning, medical instruments, machine vision, surveillance, biometrics and any type of CCD imaging requirement.  The prices for both our stock and custom optics are less than you’d pay from a catalog company; please click through our products pages to see our many off-the-shelf products. If a stock lens isn’t adequate for your needs, we can quickly modify and customize a stock lens to meet your requirements. Lens and opto-mechanical design services are typically done at no cost to the customer; we mail all price quotes within 24 hours. Our small company character is reflected in the level of service we provide to each of our customers and of course, we offer high volume discounts, as well.

Westech is a lens designer

When a commercial, off-the-shelf lens isn’t right for your needs, Westech can offer complete design services for your lens or lens system in order to meet your requirements. We never charge extra for engineering services for OEM’s, and, once you have contacted us to define your requirements, we will contact you with a proposal within 24 hours. We respond to your needs promptly, understanding your own need for quick solutions. Whatever you are looking for—a simple lens, window, beam splitter, achromat, or and industrial mega-pixel camera lens for HD imaging—Westech will work with you to provide the imaging solution you are looking for.