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Precision Optics for a Full Spectrum of Industries

With decades of collective experience and a team of the industry’s most talented designers and engineers, W.O.C. offers a diverse range of precision optics and efficient Q.C. solutions to help solve your organization’s imaging needs.

When you or your clients need something beyond the scope of off-shelf optical products, Westech provides a full offering of modified and custom lenses, optical products and QC solutions to keep you at the leading edge. Learn more about our full range of services and products by visiting any of the sections below.


Starting with a meticulous review of your specifications, we utilize the most advanced technology to manufacture lenses and optical products that meet even the tightest tolerances and most demanding requirements.

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Design & Engineering

Designing optics to economically meet your requirements consistently over high volume manufacturing requires the experience and skill of a proven industry leader. Learn more about our extensive range of lens design and opto-mechanical engineering.

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Optical Products

From windows and beamsplitters to stock and custom singlets, achromats and lens assemblies, Westech offers one of the country’s most comprehensive selections of higher quality lenses and related optics.

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Whether you’re looking to design a revolutionary new optical system or seeking QC management from a company who shares your vision, we offer a full spectrum of expert optical solutions.

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QC Management

Ensuring absolute product precision is something Westech excels at, as evidenced by some of the most rigorous parameter tests including TIA, EFL, Surface Accuracy, Radius, MTF and more…

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Our innovative products and services have changed the way countless companies do business, learn more about the various industries we serve and how Westech can help you succeed.

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A Trusted, Full-service Lens Designer Serving the Needs of Today’s Innovators

Regardless of whether you’re a start-up or a well-established manufacture, there’s simply no room for inaccuracy when it comes to the integrity of todays’ lenses and optical products. At Westech, we take pride in offering the rare combination of extensive versatility, fast turnaround and the most competitive rates in the industry.

  • Precision Optics
  • Precision Lenses
  • Custom Lens Manufacturing
  • Lens Design & Fabrication
  • Achromatic Lenses
  • Catalog Optics
  • OEM Optics
  • CCD Lenses
  • CMOS Lenses
  • M12 Lenses
  • Board Lenses
  • Industrial Optics
  • Beam Splitters
  • Precision Windows

To learn more about our company, our products or any of the services we offer, get in touch with Westech Optical today and we’ll be happy to get you started. You can reach us by phone at 585-377-2490 or via email by filling out our quick contact form.

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